Maps to Nowhere Episode 4

20 May 2023

Remote. Off-grid. Uncomfortable. Far. This place was all that and more - a cold-water desert coast where the issue wasn’t so much whether there’d be swell, but whether there’d be too much swell. That, and staying warm.

Even for diehard surf traveler/journalist Matt Rode, who’s spent the last 20 years getting as far away from other surfers as possible, it was a solid call. For his travel buddies Jordy Smith and Soli Bailey, it was a chance to step away from the everyday, and stretch their skills in some increasingly epic surf zones. In “Where The Road Ends”, the crew drives for days into the desert, camping on remote bluffs under the night sky and waking up to waves they’d hoped for, but never expected. Even for such a well-traveled bunch, it’s a surf camping trip like no other.

*Note: “Maps to Nowhere” is a series about how far surfers will go to ride perfect, empty waves. The spots yu'll see in the series are not new discoveries, but they are perfect, empty, and remain undisclosed, because our belief is that the journey is at least half the fun — and sometimes, over half the travel time. We thank the many local community members who've helped make our adventures a success.

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