Jeremy Jones

Thirty years ago I stepped onto a snowboard for the first time, let gravity take me until I was too scared and willfully crashed. It was not a "white moment", it did not change my life but it was fun so I grabbed my board and walked back up the hill to do it again.


"Go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with people. Learn new things"

-Jeremy Jones

I have never been one to look back, which is why I think I missed my thirty year snowboarding anniversary. I think it was last year, but it has given me pause and I allow myself a moment to reflect on the last thirty odd years. Did I know what I was getting into, did I envision this lifestyle, did I think my snowboard would take me this far? It is not a cut and dry answer but mainly it is yes. Not the awards, movies, snowboard company, or magazine covers but living a life set up around snowboarding every day at the best mountains in the world. That was always the plan I do not see the plan changing anytime soon.